What Oil Should I Use For High Mileage?

If you drive a car with high mileage, you’ll want to make sure that you use the best motor oil possible. Mobil 1 High Mileage full synthetic motor oil is a great choice because it contains a proprietary blend that extends the life of your engine. Its blend of synthetic oil molecules is uniform and reduces friction, so it’s ideal for long-term use.

What Oil Should I Use For High Mileage?

High mileage oil is recommended for vehicles that have been driven more than 75,000 miles or for those that are over five years old. It also prevents oil sludge from forming on your engine. Higher-quality motor oil can also help extend your vehicle’s life and increase performance.

What Oil Should I Use For High Mileage?

High mileage oils are made to tolerate high temperatures and maintain their viscosity. These characteristics are important when driving in cold-weather climates oil for high mileage 5.3 vortec. For most vehicles in temperate climates, 10W oil should suffice.

In colder climates, a 5W or 0W oil will be ideal. Some of these motor oils also contain detergents, friction modifiers, and antioxidants. These oils are typically the most expensive types of oil.

High mileage oil is usually a synthetic blend of conventional and synthetic oils. It offers better protection from high temperatures and makes starting your engine easier in cold weather. It’s also recommended for cars that perform at high speeds or tow heavy loads. The only downside is that high mileage oil can be pricier than regular-grade oil.

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