Landscaping Around Your Patio

For a colorful and natural look, plant colorful planting beds surrounding your patio. Mix shrubs, annuals, perennials, and plants of varying heights. Deciduous, flowering, and evergreen trees will provide year-round interest and color. If space is limited, consider dwarf shrubs, which require less pruning and require little maintenance. Mulch beds to control weeds and add vertical appeal and texture. Consider adding ornamental grass around your patio to give it a natural woodland look.

Landscaping Around Your Patio

Plant sweet-smelling flowering trees along the edges of your patio. The fragrance of these plants will give your patio a relaxing ambiance. Avoid planting plants that emit strong odors, such as the privet, carob, or photinia trees. Also avoid planting a male or female gingko tree. These plants will emit a pungent odor when crushed. Plant fragrant and low-maintenance plants near your patio will improve its appearance and reduce the need for additional maintenance.

The design and placement of plants are also important. Planting beds are an excellent way to soften the hardscape around your patio. They can carry over interior color schemes into the Scottsdale Landscaping, and they offer a changing face throughout the seasons. However, poorly designed planting plans can decrease the quality of your outdoor space, make you spend more time on maintenance, and reduce the square footage. This can negatively impact your enjoyment of your patio. This article will help you decide what kind of landscaping would be best for your patio.

Trees are the biggest landscape plants, so consider which ones will thrive around your patio. Make sure they don’t have a dynamic root system and choose trees that are intermediate in height. Japanese maples are a good choice, and they grow at an intermediate height. Lastly, try not to plant trees that are too close to a septic tank or near your patio. And while trees and shrubs are the biggest landscape plants, they’re not always the best choice.

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