US Football Team – The Home of the New 49ers

The UK49s is a great supporter of football in the United Kingdom. It is a club based in London and also has several thousand fans who regularly attend matches at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. If you are a United fan and want to support your team by attending matches then this will be the right choice for you. Below are some interesting facts about the UK49s.

This is not a new team for United States soccer enthusiasts. In fact, it has been in existence since 1963. They have won the British premiership twice and have reached the semi-finals of the Champions League thrice. In the recent past they have qualified from their group and taken part in the World Cup. Their last game was against Mexico, in the quarter-finals.

A very big attraction for United States football fans is the San Francisco 49ers. The team plays in the National Football Conference and is based in San Francisco uk lunchtime results. The team became famous due to the innovative and stylish uniforms that they wear. As well as the football uniforms, they also have exciting team logos.

US Football Team

The most famous is undoubtedly the golden and black helmets that the team wears. The helmets represent the old school attitude of the team. A modern day football player needs to look cool and this is one of the features that the team portrays. The fans enjoy all these special uniforms and wear them proudly. Some of them even wear replica jerseys.

Apart from football, the team plays basketball, baseball and soccer. Their schedule for the coming months and the years are also listed out. It is interesting to note that there have been changes made to the team schedule. A number of popular games have been added to the schedule to keep the fans interested.

United States soccer fans are crazy about the color combinations that the team uses. They prefer to follow the red and white jerseys because they are quite bright. Fans have the option to purchase replica jerseys or genuine ones. The jerseys are available at all leading sports goods retailers. You can also shop online and choose from a wide range of collection.

The loyal following of the San Francisco 49ers is huge and they travel all over the country and even the world just to see their favorite players in action. They cheer for their team wherever they go and in all weather conditions. The fanatics sing and scream in huge crowds. The fans wear authentic jerseys as well as replicas. The colors of the jerseys are bright and attractive. One can even have his photo taken with a player while wearing a jersey!

Final Words

Other teams have also joined the exciting world of football. As the popularity of the NFL continues to grow, many other teams have also shown interest in playing football games. The NFL has a long way to go yet it is spreading its name all over the world. It is not only about the American Football Team though. It also includes European and international teams.

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