Top Sports Nutrition And Fitness Supplements Affiliate Programs

One of the most popular sports nutrition and fitness supplements affiliate programs is the one offered by Gene Food. This company offers 20 different diet plans that cater to different genetic make-ups and will pay you a commission of 35% on all referred sales. You’ll earn a minimum of $175 per sale and can earn a recurring commission of 7% on each purchase. This program is suitable for anyone interested in promoting health products, including diet and fitness supplements.

Fitness Supplements Affiliate Programs

MuscleTech: This supplement store has a good affiliate program, offering a 10% commission for all sales and a 45-day cookie length. Their products are designed for endurance athletes and strength training athletes. You can even earn free products for every ten sales you make in a month. This fitness supplement brand also offers a lifetime guarantee, which is a big selling point for their product line. In addition, many of their products have excellent customer reviews, making them an excellent choice for the affiliate.

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BPI Sports is another popular sports nutrition and fitness supplement affiliate program. AvantLink manages the BPI Sports affiliate program. This program offers a 30-day cookie period and a 10% commission for all sales. You’ll also get a monthly newsletter with tips on how to increase your sales mycobacterium vaccae supplement. And, as with most companies, you’ll have access to a high-converting data feed. This is an excellent way to make money online!

Gene Food is another great opportunity for fitness supplements affiliates. The company offers a 5% commission and a 30-day cookie length. It is a good option for people who are looking for a high-quality, organic product. The products are plant-based, non-GMO, and top-quality supplements. Unlike many other programs, Gene Food has a 30-day cookie length and a generous return policy.

The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program is another option for fitness supplement affiliates. The company has numerous retail locations worldwide and offers a 4% commission on sales. The cookie is valid for 45 days, so it’s possible to earn up to $150 from this program each month. As for Kion, it offers a 10% commission. This program is managed through ShareASale. If you’d like to earn a higher commission from this affiliate program, check out the reviews on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a fitness supplements affiliate program, Wolfson is one of the best. Their affiliate program offers commissions of 15% and a cookie duration of 45 days. These products are geared toward various niche markets, and you can sell them to customers in many countries. If you want to maximize your potential, you can also partner with a reputable supplement company such as The Protein Works. There are many benefits to fitness supplement affiliates.

Kion is a whole food dietary supplement powder that has been designed for athletes. It contains 75 vitamins and minerals and is made from whole-food sources. Its products are backed by renowned fitness expert and author Tim Ferriss. They offer a 25% commission for affiliate sales. The program is managed by ShareASale. If you’re interested in a niche-specific sports nutrition and fitness supplement affiliate program, try Kion.

The Protein Works is a supplement store that offers a 12% commission for each sale. The company’s products are geared for both endurance athletes and strength training. Their dietary supplements are free of gimmicks, so they’re a good fit for a fitness supplements affiliate. If you’re interested in promoting health supplements and athletics, you’ll want to look at the Wolfson affiliate program.

Kion is a popular supplement company that offers products for both men and women. The company is managed by AvantLink, and the affiliate program has a 45-day cookie period. The founders of Kion, Angelo Keely and Ben Greenfield started the company in 2011 with the launch of their flagship product, Alpha Brain. The company’s product line helps people with muscle gain, focus, and weight management. Besides the supplements, Kion also offers bars, coffee, and meditation products.

Affiliates with BPI Sports can earn up to 10% commission on sales. The company offers a 30-day cookie period to ensure that the affiliates’ campaigns are successful. In addition to the website, the BPI Sports affiliate program has a variety of products. Its official banners, text links, and data feed are among the products available in the program. The brand’s newsletter provides tips on increasing sales for the fitness supplements business.

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