The Youngest Person to Have Cycled Across the World on a Unicycle

Ed Pratt, from Curry Rivel, Somerset, England, is currently the youngest person to have ever cycled across the world on a unicycle. He began his journey at the age of eighteen and had been learning tricks for two years. He started out studying routes near his home and decided to extend his adventure by covering longer distances. In fact, he was joined on his trip by people on two wheels.

Cycled Across the World on a Unicycle

A young man from Somerset, England set out on an epic journey in 2015. The trip took sixteen months longer than planned due to rough weather conditions. He began his journey in Somerset, England, and eventually traveled east across Asia and Europe.

He then made his way to Australia and New Zealand. Finally, unicycle across the USA and completed his journey back to Somerset. But what would be next? Pratt plans to continue his journey, and he’s now planning his next big adventure.

After his journey, Pratt reached the headquarters of the company he is working for. You can watch the entire trip on YouTube. If you’re not a video-lover, you can find the same content in other formats or on the company’s website.

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