The Propane Gas Stations in Ontario

“Dear Customers, We are pleased to inform you that our AmeriGas propane customer support center is now available at 825 Howard Lane in Fruitland. Our AmeriGas propane gas stations provide many convenient services, including Internet and phone support, along with seasonal pricing and location options. If you have any additional questions about our services, feel free to contact our Customer Service desk by phone or by e-mail. Thank you for choosing AmeriGas as your supplier.”

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The customer service representatives are very knowledgeable about propane gas services in all areas of the state of Oregon. Their numbers are always available, even on weekends. I have used their services before and am satisfied with the high quality of support I received The representative I talked to on the phone was very knowledgeable and able to give me a lot of information in a short amount of time. He was able to explain the different kinds of propane gas tanks that are available, as well as the installation process, the maintenance procedures, and what kinds of warranties are offered with each tank.

Propane Gas Stations in Ontario

The one disadvantage that I noticed with this company is that their telephone number is not listed. Whenever I need to contact them, I take the direct road to their facility, which is really a long-distance away. This inconvenience may be worth it, though, if you like having an on-site representative to answer your questions. Other propane gas stations in the area also list their phone numbers, but sometimes do not have a customer service representative. I have never had any issues with their customer service, but the number I found does have somebody who can help you at any time of the week.

The closest propane gas station that I found was in Tigard, Oregon. It is located about fifteen miles west of Portland. While the prices are not extremely high at this particular location, I was still able to find some reasonably priced propane gas.

My final comparison of propane gas stations in Oregon was at the Hollywood propane gas station in Tigard. This location is the only one that does not offer a telephone number, which means they do not have an easy to reach number for customer service. However, the customer service representatives were very nice, friendly, and helpful. They did not try to rush me into any decisions, but gave me plenty of options and informed me of the different types of tanks that are available.

Final Words

Overall, propane gas is a great way to purchase fuel for your vehicle. However, when you are purchasing a large amount of fuel, like twenty gallons or more, you might consider taking your car to a local gas station where you can purchase an affordable tank of propane gas. That way, you will be able to get your gas quickly, easily, and at a fair price. Good luck on finding yourself some propane gas in Ontario!

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