The Gold Jewelry Aesthetic

There are many different types of gold jewelry, each with its own aesthetic and story. However, one type of gold jewelry is a classic choice that has always been popular with women. During the Victorian Era, the aesthetic of gold jewelry was more elaborate than it is today.

The Gold Jewelry Aesthetic

During this period, art nouveau was a growing movement and Rene Lalique, a French designer, became a world-famous innovator. He introduced new elements to jewelry such as soft colored stones, delicate enamels, and feminine head designs.

Gold Jewelry

His work was both original and underivative, and it became a hit with the “new” Victorians. A traditional rule was that the metal you wore should be warmer than your skin tone Gold Jewelry Manufacturer. Gold jewelry was more suitable for warm skin tones, while silver jewelry would be best for cool skin tones.

However, today, people can break these rules and choose what they like. People with blue veins on their wrists and those who burn easily are considered cool tones. It is a good idea to mix and match your jewelry in a way that complements your personality.

Several jewelry designers have made a name for themselves in the fashion world. Some have established themselves with their signature minimalist style. Others have branched out into fashion, incorporating geometric flair with a vintage Italian acetate jewelry line.

These brands are a great choice for those looking for affordable, stylish jewelry. However, be sure to take your time to browse their collections before you make a purchase. The right style for you will be found here!

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