Surgical Staples Class Action Lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit filed against manufacturers of surgical staples has uncovered serious complications from the use of the devices. The lawsuit names Medtronic, Covidien, and 3M, alleging that the staplers are defective and liable for the injuries caused. In addition, the lawsuit claims that the staplers failed to form a proper seal, causing the bacteria to spill out and enter the patient’s body.

Surgical Staples Class

The FDA announced in 2013 that it would review surgical stapler safety and issue recommendations to manufacturers. Two of the major stapler manufacturers were recently under fire for misfiring staplers, injuring at least two patients.

The faulty staplers also contain components that can affect the alignment of staples. Other problems could prevent the entire line of staples from firing due to any problem contact Ethicon Recall Lawyer. A surgical stapler’s safety depends on how often it is properly reloaded.

The Ethicon stapling devices are recalled because of these problems. Surgical staples are used during minimally invasive surgeries. If they fail to perform properly, the result can be an infection that causes further complications.

Angelo Paolozzi is one such patient. He underwent surgery for diverticulitis, but the staples failed to work correctly and caused a life-threatening infection. The Ethicon recall may also affect people who had internal staples.

The Ethicon surgical stapler has many flaws and can compromise staple lines during gastrointestinal surgery. Many patients have reported issues with the stapler and a class action lawsuit can provide compensation for these losses.

Injury-related claims can include medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and emotional suffering, among other things. And the Ethicon surgical stapler recall has already resulted in a class action against the manufacturer.

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