How to Choose the Best Electric Car Charging Station for You

Choosing the best electric car charger for you depends on several factors. The first thing to know is where you want to place the charging port. Manufacturers usually don’t put the charge port in the same location. Additionally, you’ll want to know the maximum charge rate of the charger before purchasing. Level 2 chargers are the most common type, and they range in length from 12 to 25 feet. You can even get a wireless charging station if you have a dedicated space for it.

Electric Car Charging Station

When buying an electric car charger, make sure you find one that is outdoor-rated. In many cases, people don’t have garages, so they need an outdoor-rated charging station. You’ll find that most chargers are NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 rated, which adds protection from direct blasts of water. The NEMA 4 rating is particularly useful if you live in an area that gets wind-driven snowstorms or blowing rain.

The next step in buying the right electric Altrincham EV Charging electrician station for you is to figure out where you plan to install it. Many types come with varying degrees of ease of installation. Some are hardwired, while others can be plug-in. Lastly, you should consider the features of the station. For instance, a wireless charger will not be as convenient as a wired charging station, but one that works with a standard outlet might be better for you.

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