How To Be A Bodyguard – A Brief Guide To Being A Bodyguard

How to be a bodyguard is one of the most popular questions asked by a lot of people who are looking for ways in which they can secure their future and the future of their family. The traditional way of learning how to be a bodyguard was by taking up training lessons from a professionally trained instructor who would then go on to give live training classes to students in his or her vicinity diplomatic close protection officer. The instructor would teach the student how to properly handle weapons and also how to act in emergency situations. Now, with the advent of a lot of online videos that have been uploaded on the internet, aspiring bodyguards now have an added advantage as they can now be taught how to be a bodyguard from the comfort of their own homes.

How To Be A Bodyguard?

One of the most popular videos that teach how to be a bodyguard are those put out by Sean Keough and Richard Rawlings. These two expert instructors not only share their personal experiences in becoming bodyguards but they also impart their knowledge in teaching bodyguards how to be more focused, disciplined and committed towards their duties. The two have also done extensive research on what types of weapons should be used by a bodyguard when on duty and also explain the basic rules of their profession to make sure that readers do not get confused when watching their training videos. They explain that when it comes to being a licensed or certified bodyguard, there are specific qualifications that must be met before you can apply for the job. These include thorough background check conducted by the police, completion of a training course that lasts for one year, undergoing rigorous physical exercises and completing an internship that focuses on the area of study that you are specialized in.

Final Words

The two famous bodyguards who inspire the people in the videos are Sean Keough and Richard Rawlings. Keough was actually the first bodyguard hired by Keough Postolio in 1947 who later on went on to establish himself in Hollywood as a well known character actor. Later on, he achieved success in his role as John McClane in the action/adventure movie Die Hard. Richard Rawlings is known for his starring role as David Kleinfeld in the movie A Nightmare On Elm Street. He went on to be in four different films that were released in the 1980’s including the remake of The Night Before Christmas. He is currently appearing in the television series Lost, which is based on the novel by Robert McKelkie.

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