Free Child Custody Lawyers For Dads

While it may seem difficult to find free child custody lawyers for dads, it is possible to get a consultation with a qualified attorney. These attorneys have special experience representing fathers and can guide you through the process. Obtaining a consultation is free and easy.

Understand the process before proceeding

During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about your rights. It is crucial to understand the process before proceeding. If you need an attorney to represent you in a child custody case, you can contact one of the many services in the United States that provide pro bono representation.

Child Custody Lawyers

While you’re searching for a child custody lawyer, consider how much you can afford to pay. Many free services provide you with a consultation Custody Lawyers Grand Rapids, MI, so you can determine which one suits your needs and budget. In addition to free consultations, most of these firms offer legal advice for a limited time.

Lastly, consider the cost of hiring a pro bono attorney. Whether it is a case where the non-custodial parent has their own business or is self-employed, hiring a child custody lawyer is an excellent idea. Although most fathers do not pay child support, this does not mean that they don’t have the right to it.

While mothers typically get primary custody, the courts may award visitation rights to one parent. If the mother refuses to pay, fathers should hire a family law attorney to help them receive child support payments. The Cimino Law Firm can represent you in cases where the non-custodial parent refuses to pay.

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