Are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters the Same Company?

Both brands are owned by the same company, but they have had varying levels of success. Urban Outfitters sales have increased significantly since Sheila Harrington became CEO in 2002, while Anthropologie’s sales have decreased slightly.

Are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters the Same Company?

In addition, both brands have experienced backlash over issues regarding cultural appropriation and store policies. However, the companies have promised to do better moving forward.

Are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters the Same Company?

One way to explain the difference between the two companies is to start with history. The first store of Anthropologie opened in 1992. David Hayne, the founder, studied anthropology in college and this knowledge helped him create a great brand Anthropologie teacher discount. In fact, the brand is named after a French word: Anthropologie, which conjures up images of college students.

The two companies share the same name, but their product lines are vastly different. For instance, Anthropologie sells designer sweaters, home furnishings, and accessories for a premium price. The prices range from $350 to nearly nine thousand dollars. Urban Outfitters, on the other hand, offers less expensive clothes and accessories.

Both companies are owned by the same company. Both companies operate retail chains. The Anthropologie chain targets the 18 to 30-year-old demographic, while the Urban Outfitters chain targets suburban women in their 30s. The companies also operate wholesale divisions that sell to more than a thousand specialty stores.

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