All the AC Parts That Make the Air Conditioning System Work Together

Air conditioning units contain many different air conditioning parts. All these parts help in the conditioning of the air and regulate the temperature of the air. As each part cools, the temperature of the remaining air in the system also decreases.

Air Conditioning System Work

Evaporator: This is the part of the air conditioner, which absorbs the heat from the air and transfers it to the outer surface of the air conditioner air conditioning Kensington. The liquid which enters the condenser coil first passes through the evaporator to be cooled by the hot air.

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The heat absorbed by the evaporator is low in the original liquid and this converts it to a gas form. The cooled gas passes on to the other part of the air conditioner and the process continues till all the air conditioners are cool. These parts are also known as evaporator loaders.

AC Furnace: This is the main part of an air conditioning system and contains all the moving parts such as compressor, expansion valve, expansion and contraction valves, and the ac compressor. AC Furnaces work together with the air conditioning parts and they work to maintain a constant room temperature by circulating the cool air in the room. AC Furnaces are usually located in the bedrooms or the bathrooms, where they cool the rooms quickly after being switched on.

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